Darwinism on the Ranch

When choosing a location to create a video, scenery and atmosphere are essential things to consider. For the Darwinism Osociale Club, this was certainly true. They were hoping to create an introductory video they could show to new members or share via social media, but wanted the perfect background to accentuate the their message.

Odessa Thomas, the leader of the Darwinism Social Club, and the video they were planning, began searching for suitable places—places that would offer picturesque examples of nature’s work. By following a suggestion of a fellow member, Thomas found herself falling in love with the information and descriptions found at: http://lowerlakeranch.com

Lower Lake Ranch, located in Pine Colorado, offered the Darwinism Osociale Club, just what they were looking for, with sprawling acreage, naturally made rock outcroppings, and access to mountain lakes. The proximity of Staunton State Park was an added incentive for the group to choose Lower Lake Ranch as the location for the shooting of their video. Thomas was so enchanted by the place, that she incorporated a weekend getaway for her club as well.

The club shot footage as they explored the ranch, and nearby state park, partaking in fishing, hiking and plant identification while on film. Each member shared what Darwinism meant to them in relation to nature and its powers, and how the club had influenced their lives. Ultimately, the footage was edited and condensed into a beautiful depiction of what Lower Lake Ranch has to offer, and testimonials of the Darwinism Osocial Club.

After the footage was compiled, the club was free to explore at their leisure. Members were catered to by the outstanding cooks of Lower Lake Ranch, and spent their nights in the onsite cottages. They reveled in the relaxing atmosphere, and the weekend of being unplugged, as LLRC does not offer WIFI or television services on the property.

The Darwinism Osociale Club left Lower lake Ranch content revitalized and with the footage to compile the video they had envisioned. The sprawling property, which dates back to the 1860’s, was all the club hoped for, and more.

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